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Gluten Free Dough
Gluten allergies make it impossible for some to head down to the local pizzeria and enjoy a slice. Gluten is a composite of proteins; more specifically gliadin and gluten are often conjoined with starch in any common pizza dough. Individuals who are allergic to gluten cannot have common wheat, which is often used in pizza. The good news is, dough can be made glute... Read More
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DXR-202 Dough Roller
April 2011 - Put Your Dough In Our Hands... DoughXpress continues to be a leading source when it comes to dividing, rounding, pressing and docking your dough. We have recently added a dough roller to our product line. The DXR-202 dough roller rolls dough evenly and consistently in only two passes. This high production roller is ideal for large volume resturants where a quality product... Read More
DoughXpress Expands Product Line
December 2010 - DoughXpress, offering the right product at the right price to fit any budget. Let us increase your production, eliminate the need for messy flour, and improve your finished product with our full line of pizzaXpress, tortillaXpress, heatXpress, and bakeryXpress equipment. From economic models, to commercial workhorses, to dough processing packages, we can fulfill your dough pre... Read More
NEW DM-18NH Manual Cold Press
March 2010 - In 2010, DoughXpress has introduced the DM-18NH Manual Cold Press model Pizza Press to its line of Commercial Food Equipment. We have taken the economical DM-18 Manual Dough Press and made a cold press model that is the perfect solution for warm dough that needs to be stretched and pressed without heat. This cold press can press and stretch dough up to 60% of the desired diamet... Read More
New Electromechanical Dual Heat Dough Press
November 2009 - The D-TXE-2-18 electromechanical model dough press automatically presses dough without the need of hydraulics or supplied air making it the most efficient and easiest way to make fresh tortillas or par-bake pizza crust. The large 18" round dual heated platens add versatility to the press; heat both platens to make up to six fresh tortillas at once or an 18" par-ba... Read More
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