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Spiral Mixers

The doughXpress® DXP Spiral Series Mixers are designed for mixing heavy dough, such as those used in Bakeries, Pizza or Pastry Shops. Their long lasting stainless steel bowls can handle 44-176 lbs (19.9-79.8 kg) of dough, depending on model.


  • Constructed with a heavy-duty stainless steel bowl, safety guard and spiral agitator 
  • Powerful dual-motor design, one to drive spiral arm, one to drive bowl.
  • Instant termination of operation if safety guard is lifted. Operation is only possible when the safety guard is in place.
  • Minimal-Maintenance, high-power motor. Speed is altered without shifting gear. 
  • High-efficiency, 2-speed mixing achieves thorough blending ingredients to achieve desired results consistently within 7-10 minutes.
  • Includes two 30 minute timers that automatically control mixing time. Machine is still operational even if timer is interrupted.
  • New, dual-direction mixing technology, speed is synchronized with reverse-rotating bowl to mix ingredients and blend dough hydraulically downward. This keeps dough cooler and achieves desired results more efficiently.
  • Powerful spiral mixing increases water absorption by dough, thus increasing volume and assuring uniform texture.
  • Instant-response servo-limit switch for safety.
  • Bowl may be set to rotate either forward or backward.
  • Two year warranty
Spiral Mixers
(30-120 Quart)