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DM-18 120V - $1,950.00
DM-18 220V - $1,940.00
DM-18 220V EURO - $1,940.00



The doughXpress® DM-18 Manual Press

The DM-18 is an economic manual pizza dough press that is perfect for low to medium production volumes (75-100/hr). It is a fast, safe, simple, mess-free (no flour needed) alternative to hand tossing or sheeting/rolling your pizza dough. The DM-18 is an easy, affordable way to improve your production time as well as your finished product. The DM-18 is a clamshell design with an upper heated platen.

The DM-18 is a quick, safe way to flatten your pizza dough without the need for flour, multiple pass dough rollers, and best of all – no skilled labor. The Variable Thickness Control ensures that your operators are consistently making dough to a specific thickness.


  • Digital time and temperature controls.
  • Flattens dough balls into pizzas up to 18″ in diameter.
  • Illuminated On/Off switch.
  • Optional non-stick coated upper and lower platens.
  • Full-range thickness adjustment from paper thin to 7/8”.
  • ETL and ETL Sanitation listed.
  • 15″ H x 18″ W x 28″ D.
  • Press Weight: 92 lbs.
  • Electrical:
    120 volts/60 Hz, 1150 Watts, 9.8 Amps, 5-15P NEMA Plug.
    220 volts/60 Hz, 1150 Watts, 5 Amps, 6-15P NEMA Plug.
  • Temperature Range: Off – 200°F, 93°C upper platen.
  • Made in the U.S.A.