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DM-18NH - $1,100.00



The doughXpress® DM-18NH Manual Press

The DM-18NH is an economic manual cold pizza dough press, perfect for low to medium production volumes (75-100/hr). It is a fast, safe, simple, alternative to hand tossing or sheeting/rolling your pizza dough. The dough press is an easy, affordable way to improve your production time, as well as your finished product. The DM-18NH is a clamshell design, ideal for hearth baked pizzas. The
DM-18NH will press your dough to approximately 60% of the finished size. Press dough, finish by stretching or tossing to achieve final size, place on peel, top, and put right on the hearth or stone surface.


  • Thickness adjustment for various product thicknesses
  • Flattens dough balls into pizzas up to 18” in diameter
  • Powder coated white finish with aluminum upper and lower platens
  • Optional Features: Non-stick PTFE coated upper and lower platens
  • Certifications: ETL Sanitation and ETL Electrical
  • Recommended Cleaning Instructions: Wipe down with a moist towel - if needed, use damp sponge with minimal soap and water and then dry off