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Commercial Dual Heat Press

The TX series commercial dual-heat tortilla presses offer your operators the ability to speed up production with faster pressing times. You won't find a more capable and well-built product available in the food service equipment industry than doughXpress®. Our tortilla presses are designed and engineered with production speed, efficiency, consistency, and of course, safety in mind.

Pair this press with a tortilla warmer to complete your tortilla production line. With the right doughXpress® equipment, you will easily recognize more consistency in your tortillas, more efficiency and speed in your production, and greater profits on your bottom line.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel or powder coated white finish
  • New full color LCD touch screen controller with precise time and temperature controls
  • Independent temperature control for upper and lower platens
  • Thickness adjustment
  • Bottom swing out design for saving space and ease of use
  • Flattens dough balls into tortillas up to 16" in diameter
  • Aluminum upper and lower platens
  • Sleek, modern, durable, easy to clean design
  • Upper platen leveling adjustment
11220_TXM-SS-Left Corner-Open-Med
TXM - Manual
TXE - Electromechanical
TXA - Air
TXM - Manual
TXE - Electromechanical
TXA - Air